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Dear Reader,

I’m a 23-year old New York transplant by way of Toronto, Shanghai, Montréal and Geneva.

While studying Biochemistry at McGill University, I developed an interest in how science and technology can help individuals, companies and societies "leapfrog" into the future. Since graduating, I've turned interest into passion. I currently work at the United Nations H6+ spearheading the growth of an innovation fund and accelerator for technology projects, and formulating health systems innovation guidelines for government policies and programmes. I am also a Sidewalk Toronto Fellow at Sidewalk Labs, an urban technology company researching smart city design with a focus on health and social systems.

Previously, I interned for Canadian governments at the federal- and municipal-level on digital transformation strategy, in Dr. Donald Weaver’s lab researching beta-amyloid formation in animal models, and at Intel as a product manager for consumer security.

Outside of work, I’m a professional dilettante...

I'm an Activist Council Member for Planned Parenthood NYC and a fierce advocate for reproductive health and rights.

I write, draw, and am teaching myself to code. 22 percent of my waking weekend hours are spent at coffee shops undertaking the aforementioned. 4 percent are spent perusing Chelsea galleries.

My favorite conversation starters revolve around cities; specialties include microhistories of Manhattan, mixed-use public spaces, the future of transportation, and debating NY v. SF. When not in conversation, I belt out 80’s pop ballads and am a serial podcast consumer. (I also love Serial and other true crimes.)

I’m a subpar cook and an above-par mad scientist of zero-waste veggie dishes.

Thanks for stopping by!
Betty Chang